Back to School and Contemplating a Master’s

A common New Year’s Resolution among health professionals is to consider some type of upgrading or new learning. Each January there is a jump in the number of emails requesting information about the Master of Rehabilitation Science program. Although the application deadline isn’t until April 30 it is wise to start contemplating a master’s early, as the paper work itself can take a few weeks.

In addition to the information for prospective learners on the MRSc program website, I recently came across an article that captures many of the same experiences and pay-offs that our graduates report. It is written by a neurosurgeon who returned to do a professional master’s in bioethics.
Back to School Days by Mark Bernstein in Academic Matters, October/November 2010.

It’s definitely worth a read.

3 thoughts on “Back to School and Contemplating a Master’s

  1. Allison

    Mary…I hope many of the inquiries turn into applications and students. I wonder if the January blip is like the spike in gym memberships.

    I loved the article-yup, time management is key, but the passion does get you through.

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