Welcome to the Faculty of Education’s efolio website!

For many years, portfolios have been used in public schools and universities to assess and showcase students’ skill development and learning. Portfolios can transform the ways we represent ourselves and our work to employers, colleagues, and the community. Electronic portfolios, or efolios as they are referred to on this blog, are digital creations and frequently hosted on the web.  Although digital in nature, efolios perform an almost identical function as traditional print-based portfolios, and, if you choose to do an efolio, the process and product can become a unique presentation of your professional development in the UBC Teacher Education Program and beyond.

This website is dedicated to helping you understand the whys and hows of creating a efolio and we encourage you to further explore it by clicking on the tabs above.  If you are a UBC Teacher Candidate in a B.Ed. program or a UBC Teacher Education instructor, you can also jump into this creative process right away by following these instructions for creating a UBC blog!