New look and interface for WTBHNN

If you’re one of the very few people in the world reading WTBHNN and you have your wits about you, you’ll have noticed a new look as the blog moves from Moveable Type to WordPress. Looks like the transfer of files has generally proceeded without difficulty, but there are a few minor problems I’ve noticed, which I’ll take care of asap.

I’ll also be trying out some new appearance themes. If you care to share your thoughts or make suggestions please do so.


  1. Hey man–I’m one of the few 🙂 Let’s add some pictures–I can come of with a lot of suggestions 🙂 BTY: Can you add a link to It could be under education/politics or culture. How about New Proposals? See ya, K

  2. Not Bored and New Proposals are added! Thanks for the suggestions. I want to add some photos to, but I’ve got a technical issues I’m working on with the IT folks, apparently I’ve used up all my allotted upload space…so I lobbying for more. BTW, watching the Tar Heels dismantle the Wahoos.

  3. Charles, I find the WordPress platform much more flexible to use compared to Movable Type. I think the plan at UBC is to gradually phase in WP as the main blogging platform too.

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