Rouge Forum Update: NEA Rep Assembly, Chicago’s Miracle, and More

Dear Friends,

The Rouge Forum No Blood For Oil (with those good-for-the-rest of your life posters on sale!) is updated.

On the Madness and Boredom Front:
Substance News is carrying reports from the National Education Association’s Representative Assembly, running through Monday.

On the Educational Miracles Front:
Substance has exposed the Chicago Miracle, the reason Arne Duncan holds his position as Ed Boss, for years. However, here is another expose, from an unexpected source.

On the What Do You Mean We Had Something to Do With that Coup and What Do We Know About the School of the Americas Front:

On the Everyone Can Make it in America Front, the Jobless Rate Hits a 26 Year High:

On the Someone is Actually Doing Something About all of This Front: The San Francisco Freedom School is open for summer:

Russian Students are Resisting:

You can do something too. There is one organization in North America, rooted in education, that connects the wars, unemployment, de-industrialization, class struggle, and the crises in schools: The Rouge Forum. Next week we will circulate a call for nominees for this year’s Rouge Forum Steering Committee. We urge you to join us. Please spread the word.

Thanks to all the courageous delegates at the NEA RA who spoke to me and gave me so much information. You’ll see it in print in the coming days. If you are still at the RA and we have not met, please email me asap, or we can talk when you get home.

Thanks too to Amber, Wayne, Adam, Bob, Colleen, Tammy, Christina, Katie and Greg, Bill, Joe, Sally, Sue, Donna, Kathy Y and E, Gil, Tony, Jill, Eric, Marcie, Isabella, Victoria, Donnie, Tally, Shawndre, Teeyah, Pete, and Doug.

Good luck to us, every one.


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