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“Israel Sandbags Biden”
By Juan Cole, Reader Supported News, posted March 10
includes historical background

“Exit Strategies for Aghanistan and Iraq”
By Tom Hayden, The Nation, posted March 8
on Congressional dynamics and the state of the peace movement

“Let Europe Be Europe: Why the United States Must Withdraw from NATO”
By Andrew Bacevich, Foreign Policy, March-April, posted March 4
The author teaches history and international relations at Boston University

“The Pentagon’s Runaway Budget”
By Carl Conetta, Foreign Policy in Focus, posted March 3
on the rise in military spending since 1998, compared to past surges

“How to Fight a Better War (Next Time)”
By Tom Engelhardt,, posted March 2
on “lessons” from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, tongue-in-cheek

“The System Works, Obama’s Approach Doesn’t”
By Stanley Kutler,, posted March 2
compares Obama to Franklin Roosevelt

“America, the Fragile Empire”
By Niall Ferguson, Common Dreams (from Los Angeles Times), posted February 28

“US Started a War of Aggression Against Afghanistan over 30 Years Ago”
By James A. Lucas,, posted February 26