Rouge Forum Update: Special Cultural Revo Edition!

Rouge Forum Update: Special Cultural Revo Edition!

Chant from UC Occupation: Capitalism? No Thanks. We’ll Burn Your Banks!

On The Little Red Schoolhouse Front:

The Rouge Forum News Spring 2010 Edition is here [pdf]

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School Unions Race to Feed on the RaTT:

Florida Education Association Buys RaTT (FEA bosses cut a devil’s deal with Gov. Crist)

Michigan EA Buys the RaTT: “ The Michigan Education Association today issued a letter of support to the state’s second Race to the Top application, signing on to a plan that has the potential to improve the quality of education for every student in Michigan.”

Michigan AFT, Overseeing the Organized Ruin of Detroit, Follows MEA to Ratt Shell Game:
“The Michigan Education Association and American Federation of Teachers-Michigan today issued letters of support for Michigan’s application for $400 million in the second round of a nationwide contest for federal Race to the Top school funds.”

New York State AFT Cuddles the RaTT: “The unions — the New York State United Teachers and the United Federation of Teachers, the city’s union — did not gain any clear benefit from the deal, other than shielding themselves from criticism that they were hurting the state’s chances in Race to the Top. And union leaders who backed the plan could face significant backlash from members, particularly at a time when many districts are planning for layoffs.”

Tiny Colorado AFT Sucks Up to the RaTT: “Wednesday said AFT threw its support behind Colorado’s legislation after the bill’s sponsors agreed to introduce amendments that “included the voice of teachers.”

NEA Persists in Touting Arne Duncan: NEA bosses reject the reason most people join unions: the contradictory interests of workers and bosses. NEA president Dennis Van Roekel is well paid for his toadying to Duncan and Obama, at about $450,000 a year. NEAs’ rep assembly should be very interesting this year as more and more rank and file members begin to catch on to what’s up and what to do about it. Even AFT, perhaps the most tyrannical union in the US, can expect some serious dissent at its convention in Seattle, even though it appears every proposal from the rank and file that suggests the slightest forms of direct action resistance has been cut off at state conferences.

NEA Today Procures For Arne Duncan and the “Obama Effect”

NEA Boss Dennis Van Roekel ($425,000 a year) Brags He Gets to Actually Meet with Duncan!:

It is Soo Hard to Keep Track of the Servants: EduNazi Alan Bersin Now Obamagogue Border Czar Hires “Illegals”?: “Mr. Bersin did not timely and completely prepare and maintain Forms I-9 for any of the ten household employees he employed, as required by law,”

California Colleges Develop Plan to Choke Free Speech on Campus: “The Peralta Community College district is considering guidelines to limit where and how groups can speak on campus, prompting outrage from employees and students who say the proposed rules would restrict free speech.”

Desperate Mich Colleges Seek Military $ in San Diego: “Representatives from universities in Michigan are in San Diego this week to recruit military veterans. The new G.I. Bill has made veterans an emerging market for academic recruiters, and San Diego has one of the highest populations of active duty military and veterans in the nation.”

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