CFP: The Fourth World Curriculum Studies Conference

The Fourth World Curriculum Studies Conference
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
June 18-21, 2012

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The International Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies
(IAACS) is a worldwide consortium of those with an interest in the field
of curriculum studies. It is established to support a worldwide – but not
uniform – field of curriculum studies. At this historical moment and for
the foreseeable future, curriculum inquiry occurs within national borders,
often informed by governmental policies and priorities, responsive to
national situations. Curriculum study is, therefore, nationally
distinctive. The founders of the IAACS do not dream of a worldwide field
of curriculum studies mirroring the standardization and uniformity the
larger phenomenon of globalization threatens. Nor are they unaware of the
dangers of narrow nationalisms. Their hope, in establishing this
organization, is to provide support for scholarly conversations within and
across national and regional borders about the content, context, and
process of education, the organizational and intellectual center of which
is the curriculum.

The Fourth World Curriculum Studies Conference will have no official

Our theme for this Conference is Questioning Curriculum Theory.
Proposal Deadline: January 31, 2012


Twitter: @2012IAACS
Facebook: IAACS Brazil

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