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Rouge Forum 2012: OCCUPY EDUCATION! Class Conscious Pedagogies and Social Change

OCCUPY EDUCATION! Class Conscious Pedagogies and Social Change

The Rouge Forum 2012 will be held at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The University’s picturesque campus is located 50 minutes northwest of Cincinnati. The conference will be held June 22-24, 2012.

Proposals for papers, panels, performances, workshops, and other multimedia presentations should include title(s) and names and contact information for presenter(s). The deadline for sending proposals is April 15. The Steering Committee will email acceptance notices by May 1.

Read the Call for Proposals.

Rouge Forum Dispatch: Criminalized–Those with Jobs and Health Benefits

The Rouge Forum Dispatch is updated with news of schools and society here.

The Rouge Forum is the only school based organization in North America with the limited courage to link schooling, the empire’s wars, and class war at home to resistance, connecting reason to power. Do spread the word.

Those planning to be at AERA in Vancouver should check the call for papers from the Marx sig, here.

You can join the RF Facebook page here.

Rouge Forum Dispatch: Endless War and Barbarism or Community and Resistance!

Dear Friends,

For those who must go teach on Monday and seek to make sense of current conditions with students, for those who simply want to walk out into the world, armed with some ideas that might make it better, this special dispatch, and the one just before it, should be of considerable help.

Now, we can say again: The education agenda is a war agenda. It is a class war and empire’s war agenda.

The Rouge Forum 2011: Call for Papers

The Rouge Forum 2011: Call for Papers

Education and the State: A Critical Antidote to the Commercialized, Racist, and Militaristic Social Order

The Rouge Forum 2011 will be held at Lewis University. The University’s main campus is located in Romeoville, IL, which is 30 minutes southwest of Chicago, IL. The conference will be held May 19-22.

Proposals for papers, panels, performances, workshops, and other multimedia presentations should include title(s) and names and contact information for presenter(s). The deadline for sending proposals is March 22. The Steering Committee will email acceptance or rejection notices by April 1. The proposal formats available to the presenters are as follows:

Bringing together academic presentations and performances (from some of the most prominent voices for democratic, critical, and/or revolutionary pedagogy), panel discussions, community-building, and cultural events, this action-oriented conference will center on questions such as:

  • Transforming the notion of “saving public education” to one of creating education in the public interest, what does teaching and learning for a democratic society look like?
  • How do we educate the public and our youth to understand the implications of “saving public education” through corporate and militaristic practices, such as standardized examinations, zero-tolerance policies, charter schools, and corporate donations?
  • How will educational initiatives supported by the Obama Administration and many other politicians impact teachers, students, and communities across the US?
  • What does education for liberation look like compared to the more socially reproductive/dominating education we see in many of our nation’s schools?
  • What debts will future generations, including the students we may teach, carry because our financial, governmental, and military endeavors have not been concerned with public goods?

Proposal Formats

Individual Proposal: (45 minutes)
The Rouge Forum welcomes individual paper proposals, with the understanding that those accepted will be grouped together around common or overlapping themes, Presenters will have approximately 45 minutes to present or summarize their individual papers. Individual paper submissions will be considered for panels with the same topic/theme. If you would prefer to present your paper/research individually you should consider the alternative format proposal. A 300-500 word abstract of the paper will be peer reviewed for acceptance to the conference.

Symposium Proposal: (90 minutes)
Presenters are also welcomed to submit proposals for a symposium. A symposium is typically composed of a chair and discussant and three to five participants who present or summarize their papers. Each symposium is organized around a common theme. Each participant will have between 15 and 45 minutes to present their papers, depending upon the number of participants involved in the symposium. A 300-500 word abstract of the symposium will be peer reviewed for acceptance to the conference.

Panel Proposal: (90 minutes)
A panel discussion is another venue available presenters. A panel discussion is typically composed of three to six participants who discuss their scholarly work within the context of a dialogue or conversation on a topic or theme related to the conference theme. Typically, each panelist is given 10-15 minutes to discuss the topic, present theoretical ideas, and/or point to relevant research. A chair should be identified who introduces the panel and frames the issues and questions being addressed. In addition to the chair, we encourage (but do not require) organizers of panels to include a discussant who responds to the comments of the panelists. Individual proposal submissions will be combined into panels with the same theme/topic. A 300-500 word abstract of the panel discussion will be peer reviewed for acceptance to the conference.

Alternative Format and Special Interest Groups (90 minutes)
Alternative proposals that do not fit into the above categories, such as workshops, performances, video and multimedia presentations, and round-table dialogues, are encouraged. We also welcome proposals for the organization of special interest groups. A 150-250 word abstract of the panel discussion will be peer reviewed for acceptance to the conference.

Email proposals to conference coordinator Brad Porfilio, by March 22, 2011.

Additional information on Rouge Forum 2011 is available at

Adam Renner, our friend

Dear Friends,

Adam Renner, the Rouge Forum Community Coordinator, has died at 40.

Adam was a wonderful friend, teacher, writer, musician, martial artist, and honest, caring man. His courage had taken remarkable forms–from being willing to sacrifice to help others, to always learning, and altering his views, on the path to discover what is true in order to make the world a little better. What could be a more powerful legacy?

As an educator, author, and friend, Adam embodied the interaction of ethical theory and determined practice.

His skills as the Rouge Forum Community Coordinator were exemplary–from gently moving along a meeting when it needed to move, to organizing the 2008 Louisville Forum, to editing the Rouge Forum News, and, above all, being key to forming a caring community where people could bring differing views, share them, and feel not only sane, but valued: family.

We offer our deep sympathy to Adam’s wife, Gina Stiens.

A Service & Celebration of Life will be held on Tuesday, December 28th, 2010.

Both will be held at Shiloh United Methodist Church, 5261 Foley Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45238

The Service begins at 11:00AM.

The Celebration will be immediately following, 12:00-2:00PM.

The attached link is in Adam’s memory. You can add to it yourself by clicking below.

Good luck to us, every one.

Rich Gibson and Amber for the Rouge Forum Steering Committee

Rouge Forum Update:

Our heartfelt good wishes to Rouge Forum Community Coordinator, Adam Renner, now hospitalized, and his wife, Gina. Get well, Adam!

The Rouge Forum update is linked here.

There you will find the latest news, in its social context, as well as classic Rouge Forum posters, flyers, and more. Plus fun!

We will start next year with announcements from, especially, India, China, and Canada, as well as updates on the resistance, in schools and out.

Rouge Forum Update: Resistance and on to the next decade

The Rouge Forum Update, complete with the news from the school-based uprisings in Europe (see the video under Fightback) is linked here.

See also the answer to the burning question, “What would the Ramones do on high-stakes standardized test week?”

Congratulations to Ed Yu on the publication of his book, The Art of Slowing Down, a Sense-able Approach from Pananthea books.

We are looking for critical reviews of the film, Inside Job.

Remember the Rouge Forum Conference, Chicago, May 20-22, in Chicago.