Apps that help student success

With all the technologies available for every beck and call, there are some which will make you wonder how you got by without them in the first place. The twenty first century has enhanced productivity by assisting with everything from managing our time to keeping our ideas safe, what’s more, many of these are easily accessible through any smartphone – a device every working man or woman possesses.

  1. Task oriented and time sensitive applicationsThere are many popular time tracking software capable of organizing tasks in accordance to its level of importance. It is also possible to collaborate with a team through the application and have everyone on the same page at all times.

    Asana is one of these apps which is highly popular due to the fact that it is free and one is able to delegate tasks, check on the status of various projects and ultimately, reduce chatter and time spent on communication.

  1. Manage your finances with Mint and Freshbook Every individual, much less every company, should have a budget that sticks. This application allows the user to create personalized budgets. It also keeps track of transactions and will alert its users of any odd activity. Other than that, it provides tips on how to save, improve credit score and helps with payments. It is a virtual treasurer – one that does not require a salary.

    The latter helps with sending out invoices and keeping track of them. Furthermore, senders can check to see whether the recipient has received and whether or not they have opened the invoice.

  1. Don’t forget to update your social mediaIf you’ve got several accounts for your business, it is wise to download a virtual manager which is capable of scheduling posts in advance. This would free you up and take one thing off your mind, rather than having to concern yourself over the neglected Instagram page which has not made a new post in months. Another reason scheduling is important: you want potential customers to remember your brand. By staying updated, one stays relevant.
  2. Stalk through social media or have an app do it for you There is an age old saying: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. With an application like Flipboard, one can keep track of all other competitors and stay up to date on the news in one’s industry without the hassle of going through every social media account and page. Upon adding the link to one’s account, one is instantly granted access to a the only feed that matters.
  3. Never forget an idea or appointment with EvernoteNo productivity list or article is complete without the mention of Evernote. A powerful word processor stored on the cloud. Memos, checklists, audio recordings, anything is possible on this versatile digital notebook. Furthermore, given its extensive features, it is free to use. Touted as “your second brain”, it is an app used by millions.

These digital assistants will help you make better decisions, improve performance and productivity. Ultimately, it will also be instrumental in higher job satisfaction.

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