The tech that improves home security

With technology being developed becoming more intuitive, affordable and offering better security, there are certain precautions one may take in order to build a secure home. Matrix Locksmith is one of the few locksmiths in Toronto nowadays that provide solutions to problems which do not yet exist. Instead of waiting for a security to be compromised, here are five technologies and tips which may help secure your home.

1) Keep your car keys next to your bed

According to one individual’s experience that led him to having a security discussion with the police, the law enforcement officer suggested that if one does not have an alarm system in place, it is advisable to keep one’s car keys next to one’s bed. In the event a burglar has entered the premise or to raise an alarm, simply press the panic button for your car. The sudden noise may startle any unwanted visitors into fleeing the scene.

2) Invest in an alarm system

There are many gadgets on the market that offer protection from emergencies such as in the case of a fire or if someone at the household is in need of medical emergency. To set up, one only needs to connect to the wifi and the software takes care of the rest. There are other features that allow you to switch lights on and off remotely, giving you that extra layer of added protection when you have gone away.

3) Set up surveillance cameras

While cameras are unable to send a distress signal, they are useful for those who leave their homes unattended throughout the day and have nobody home to keep an eye on things. Authorities would suggest that burglars often learn one’s schedule so as to know when best to conduct their unscrupulous means of thieving. Some surveillance cameras come with face recognition and would take multiple shots when it has detected a face. In which case, if you were robbed, there would be ample evidence to prove who did it. The only concern is to install it somewhere unnoticeable so as to avoid burglars from tampering with it.

4) Use a mix of the two

Instead of getting both system, there are products that combine both in one. However, it might be rather obtrusive and it does not make it a secret of what it does. One such example is the Somfy One Smart Camera. It has a built in alarm to ward off intruders and if that does not do the job, it records motion as well. The only down side is that in low light situations, there is an audible click as it switches to night mode and there is nothing keeping it from being stolen or destroyed.

5) Look into smart home security

The one offered by Fluent Home synchronizes everything from alarm systems, surveillance cameras to sprinklers. It is a seamless integration of technology into one’s home. One problematic downside is that it might be hacked by a burglar with background in tech and that a home system like that does not come cheap. However, if affordability is not an issue, it is definitely something worth researching into. Not only does it provide homeowners with a peace of mind, it will also give you convenience at a tap of your smartphones.

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