Solar power: the energy of tomorrow

Did you know that with one hour worth of energy provided by the sun, we can potentially meet the global energy requirements for an entire year? Since we are able to secure and harness only 0.001% of the available energy, solar-powered systems have become a popular topic while discussing renewables. Environmentally friendly and extremely economical in the long-term, solar-powered systems are being used everywhere today because of the following benefits:

  • Low Maintenance costs:
    Solar powered systems, for the most part, don’t require a great deal of upkeep. You just need to keep them reasonably clean, so cleaning them two or three times each year should be okay. If all else fails, you can easily depend on specialized cleaning companies, that charge £25-£35, depending on the infrastructure. Most reputable solar panel makers also offer 20-25 years of warranty. Additionally, since there are no moving parts, there is generally less wear and tear.

    The inverter, which is the heart of any solar powered system, is often the only component that requires changing every 5-10 years, as it is consistently attempting to transform solar energy into electricity and heat. Apart from that, the cables might need your attention once in a while to ensure maximum efficiency and performance of your solar power framework. So, once you’ve covered the initial setup costs,  you can expect next to no spending on maintenance and repair work.
  • Reduces electricity bills:
    Since most of your energy need will be taken care of by the electricity generated from solar-powered systems, you will notice a significant drop in electricity bills. The amount you save money on your bill depends on your energy consumption and the size of the solar-powered system you are using. Moreover, if you end up generating more energy than you utilize, the surplus will be sent back to the ‘grid’ and you will receive bonus pay for the same. You can also use the solar-powered system during the day, and the grid at night (when the rates are considerably low) to save more money.
  • Renewable energy source:
    Solar energy being a renewable source of energy is probably the most important benefit of installing a solar-powered system in your home. Not only is it consistently available at all times, but it can be harnessed anywhere in the world. As long as we have the sun, you can rely on solar-powered systems for your electricity and heat requirements.
  • Technology Development:
    Technologies harnessing solar power only continues to grow in sophistication and efficiency. Quantum material science and nanotechnology both show huge promise in solar energy research, and could possibly help double or even triple the efficiency of solar panels in the coming years.
  • Diverse Applications:
    Solar-powered systems can especially be beneficial for remote areas with no electricity, or access to the energy/power grid. You can use solar energy to distill water in regions with a shortage of clean water or limited water supplies. It is also being used to power earth-orbiting satellites, water pumping appliances, remote radiotelephones, hydronic collectors, consumer systems (e.g. handheld calculators) and much more.