Portable batteries and other technology crucial in the Millennial traveler’s bag

Travel has always been an exciting prospect, but the rise of technology has brought with it an increase in the global network of interest in travel, mostly because of social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. More than ever, wanderlust and the thirst for worldwide adventure is contagious, thanks to social media’s habit of aesthetically tempting the masses. Now that we live in such a tech-savvy world, we are also more dependent on technology to keep us connected – no matter where in the world we find ourselves. From the latest and greatest outdoor gadgets for the traveller who loves to backpack their way around the world, hiking and biking, to the creature comforts that have been transformed into travel tech gadgets, it seems that travel tech is everywhere. There are four travel tech devices that every modern (and future) traveller needs.

A portable battery

This current modern era has resulted in what can feel like a constant necessity of being connected. Realistically, when we are travelling, we actually do need to be constantly connected – particularly in foreign countries for when we find ourselves in emergency situations. A portable battery can be a literal life saver, and so if there is only one travel tech device that you purchase for your travels, it should be this. Most portable batteries have brilliant battery life, can be charged from a PowerPoint or a laptop, and can even charge some laptops (assuming the laptop has a USB charging attachment). You can even buy suitcases that have batteries inside them now than snap out, making even suitcases tech-savvy travel necessities.

A GoPro Hero

When travelling, some people find it difficult to find the balance between immersing themselves in the moment and capturing it to be able to remember it later (or put it on their Instagram page). Buying a solid camera that takes quality footage and can get wet is perfect, because you can literally take it with you anywhere, hit record, and just enjoy the moment, letting the camera capture it all for you. It can be any camera, but the GoPro Hero sports cameras do it all – and you can also buy a floating holding stick, so if you lose it in the water, it is not a problem. This is the sports camera that can do it all.

Good quality ear phones

On planes, at airports, and on transport between destinations on the ground, sometimes there is genuinely just nothing better to do than plug your earphones in and relax – maybe even sleep. When travelling, having good quality ear phones allows you to turn on some music, or even a movie, and just wind down in between the beautiful chaos of constantly being on the move.

An international power adapter

When at an airport, and every device you have is dead but you have deadlines to meet for work (assuming you are lucky enough to work remotely/like that lifestyle), or even if you are just wanting to watch shows to pass the time between layovers, an international power adapter is honestly the most brilliant thing you can have. these little power blocks have power capabilities for literally anywhere on earth, making them the ultimate travel tech. Period.

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