The rate of consumer loyalty in the mattress and sleep industry

Many industries may come and go throughout the lifetime of a consumer. There are many reasons as to why an industry may fail, but the most common is simply that there is no consumer demand for a product. All the marketing and rebranding in the world can’t make an unpopular industry succeed. Some products in an industry may fail while the industry itself continues on the strong and sturdy path to success. Innovative minds, critical thinkers, and witty personalities who aren’t afraid of confrontation can be found in any industry. However, the businessmen and women who continually succeed one sale after another are the one’s in industries that will always be in business due to their always in demand product. Consumers will always need are food, shelter, and water. Therefore, they will always have a water bill, always have to have a place to live, and always need to purchase groceries. But beyond that, they also have to work, sleep, and find time to do things that make them happy.

Sleeping is something that all humans have to do. Sleeping isn’t something that can be put off for too long as the lack of sleep has significant consequences, including depression and death. Due to the imperative nature of necessary daily sleep, the mattress industry will always have clients. Consumers have to sleep, and when they do they will want in to be in a comfortable bed. But finding out what is the best bed to buy can be a difficult decision.

Mattresses and beds even have their own fairytales and nursery rhymes. Goldilocks tells the story of trying out three different beds before finding the one that was “just right.” Finding the bed that is “just right” may take a consumer a long time. First, picking out the frame is such a decision in itself. Some consumers want lavish and extravagant headboards with underneath storage and a canopy while others are happy with just a metal frame, box spring, and mattress.  After picking out a bed frame, a consumer must then take the time to pick out the actual mattress itself. This is always glorified on commercials as going into a mattress store and laying on all the beds. Sometimes, that is what happens, but now in the age of digital consumerism and information, many customers chose online ordering as their means of purchasing a new mattress. This is easier because the mattress is delivered right to the door. If the mattress is memory foam of any kind, it is often rolled and compressed as the air has been vacuum sealed out of it. Whether one purchases a mattress in store or online, it’s important to remember the significance behind a mattress and the bed it sits on.