Technology: The Threat to Privacy

With so many new technologies on the horizon and already in our hands, it has become normal to hear about data breaches, or security breaches. Our information is no longer even assumed to be our own. We freely give it away to social media platforms, whether that be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat or Pinterest, and watch as we get matched up with ads of things we were JUST searching for in Google. This can make anyone a little ill at ease. It’s creepy, right? Just the other day a friend told me she was browsing for memory foam mattresses on Amazon and the next minute was being shown multiple ads on Facebook and the news site she was scrolling through for the exact same mattress. Most of us being ignorant to the ins and outs of this kind of technology, we don’t realize what we’re up against as far as data and privacy.

The truth is as we buy more devices, the more accounts we create, and the more accounts we create means way more data. Location data, profile data, credit card data, consumption data. You name it. And this data is not usually secure. This can cause some concern to users and consumers. When you create an online account with a business, such as a cell phone company or ecommerce store, you are also giving away data and are vulnerable to any attacks on the company’s systems. The equifax data breach in 2017 is one of those that got a lot of attention. Even Uber and Verizon have had issues with their systems getting hacked. There have been many safeguards put in place for new devices to ensure security, such as face or fingerprint recognition. But those have already proven to be vulnerable to hacking, too.

So is there any light at the end of the tunnel? There is, shopkeepers and business owners need to start investing in security for their online platforms. One of the best ways to do this is via a legitimate web development agency, which will be able to best suggest what systems would work best for your line of work. Aside from protecting your users from attacks, it would also help you save on capital – many business owners invest in an app when all they needed to do was build a mobile friendly website. This would ensure that your website runs smoothly over various screens – whether viewing from a mobile device or on a desktop.

Security and privacy are becoming a top concern of many end-users as they become more aware of data protection and the like. As the world becomes technologically dominated, the people of the world need to be tech-savvy in order to survive and not be taken advantage of.