Pillars of arcing success in web development in 2019

It has been said many a time that a website is the digital age iteration of a storefront window. Via a website, an individual can get a strong idea of what a business does, what they are about, what they offer, and the quality and efficiency in which they offer it. When it comes to web development and design agency for online spaces, there is an overwhelming array of possibilities to sift through. It is first important to note that not every website will be successful using the same web design and development principles (this is especially true considering that not every website exists to offer the same point of view, solution, or demographic strategy. With every passing year comes the next generation of web development trends. With that being said, there are three web development and design components that are crucial to the success and longevity of a website right now.

Animation fixation

Websites are one of the most diverse digital marketing tools there is, and it (literally) pays to get them right. While it can seem like the safe option to mimic what everyone else around you is doing with their site, thinking outside the box and creating something totally unique will not only set you apart from the masses, but ensure that your website is memorable. Animation is the latest and greatest way to do that. Last year, it was all about including live video access to websites, but in 2019 web developers and designers are taking this concept to the next level by creating animated explosions that are vividly bright and exceedingly unique and memorable. They must be used smartly, but if they are, they can work magic.

Mobile-ready design

Consumers today are always on the go, and therefore they use their mobiles more than any of their other devices (in most cases, anyway). Because of this, it has never been so important to have a website that exhibits and maintains a mobile-ready design. In short, what this means is that creating the website design with mobile device access in the forefront of the design process’ mind’s eye is crucial. Consider it this way: we have all gone to access a website from our smartphones and found ourselves frustrated when it refused to load, or loaded but cut off the sides of the pages, fitting in a somewhat haphazardly disjointed way to the screen of our mobiles. So, make sure that your website design is mobile-ready, before anything else – yes, even before being desktop-ready. Strive to meet consumer demand, not mirror the rest of the online spaces in your field.

App extensions

Having a website is brilliant. This is the way that ecommerce (and the world, for that matter) is moving. So, it is a fantastic first-step. However, having a website is not enough anymore to rise above the competition and become a leading force in one’s respective field. These days, to make a truly exceptional impact on not only consumers, but the competition and industry giants alike, having an app extension of the website is necessary. Having it listed on the bottom of the website? Even better. Be the website that offers it all, without consumers having to ask for it.