Yvonne and Maggie at White Rock Beach

Adding Personal Photos

Discussing aspects of your pedagogy that are of great importance to you as an educator can strengthen a professional portfolio and tell the audience something about you as a person. Enhancing this with multi-media helps to tell the story.

*You’ll notice that this post will appear under the ‘artefacts and reflections’ tab in my main menu and will also appear under several of my categories on the right side margin.

Adding images, pdf files or audio content – select the ‘upload/insert’ tool and browse your computer for the image… be sure to note your permissions for upload in the dialogue box that appears before clicking ‘insert’.

Yvonne and Maggie at White Rock Beach

A day at the beach with our students!

To include a caption, simply type your information in the caption box when you upload.

With the above image as an artifact, I would reflect on the importance of Environmental Education and Field experience in my practice and, likely in theory as well. I would include an annecdote related to the selected image and make links to practice. NB: protect the privacy of subjects – this teacher has given me permission to use this image.

It is important to remember that your eP is about YOU – not about your students. While you will want to include some artifacts, images and samples of student work that trigger reflections and provide examples of things you facilitated, you should still be able to protect children’s privacy. If a child’s image is recognizable (perhaps in a video where you can’t blur it or cut it), you will need specific written permission from the parent of the child (anyone underage of consent). Your school should be able to help with this.

Examples of protecting student privacy:

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