About the ICoP

The ICoP developed out of UBC Mix, a TLEF project that supports and facilitates classroom-level interdisciplinary learning activities and partnerships between instructors across disciplines. The ICoP meets 4-5 times a year, providing a regular time and space for interdisciplinary enthusiasts to discuss the practice and pedagogy of interdisciplinary teaching and learning.

Past meeting topics include interdisciplinary assessment, designing interdisciplinary activities and assignments, and networking for interdisciplinary connections and collaborations.

Community members come from nearly all faculties on campus. The ICoP is open to all faculty, staff, and students involved and/or interested in interdisciplinary teaching.

To get involved, contact co-facilitators the Interdisciplinary Community of Practice facilitators at:                 ctlt.icop@ubc.ca

Please use the links at the top and right side of this webpage to explore the Interdisciplinary Community of Practice and UBC Mix. Add comments by logging onto blogs.ubc.ca with your CWL.

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