This instructional technique comes from CTLT’s Instructional Skills Workshop materials. How do you think this technique can and should be adapted to interdisciplinary learning contexts and content?


A lecture is an oral presentation by a qualified person. The pattern of communication is primarily a one-way transmission of information from instructor to learners.

The lecture may be a suitable technique when:

  • the basic instructional task is to give information
  • the information is not readily available some other way
  • there is established learner interest in the subject
  • the material is intended for short-term retention
  • introducing a subject or giving directions for learning tasks that will be developed through other techniques

Instructor’s Role

  • The lecture’s effectiveness will be increased if:
    • the material is meaningful
    • erbal illustrations are similar to learners’ experiences
    • summaries are presented at beginning and end
    • the lecture is accompanied by techniques and/or instructional devices that allow learners to participate

Learners’ Role

  • listen, think, take notes
  • prepare questions for clarification during or after the lecture

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