Mix Examples of Instructional Techniques

Instructional Techniques

Main Purpose

Mix Examples

Brainstorming Coming up with a new idea Searching course catalogue for same-time courses with interdisciplinary collaboration potential
Buzz Groups (Small Groups) Small groups discuss topic or solve a problem India Movie Night and small group discussions about film and social themes
Case Study Present a real-life situation to analyse and offer a solution CHBE + POLI = Earth Jurisprudence discussion and problem-solving small groups
Debate Present differing opinions and opposing views Arts One/Science One Frankenstein viewing and discussion (note: not a formal debate)
Demonstration and Practice Transmit a skill Changing the Lens: Student theatre workshop on cultural identities
Field trip Incorporate community resources into learning TerreWeb networking fieldtrip to partnering organizations outside the university
Group Discussion Present a topic for discussion CPSC + LIBR = Intellectual property discussions
Lecture Impart information UBC Reads Sustainability lectures
Panel Provide opportunity to learn from experts ECON + SOCI/EDUC

Homelessness and Policy Teach-In – two formerly homeless individuals, one housing advocate, family member of previously homeless person

Practice and Drill Practice repetition of an operation TerreWeb film and social media workshop on science communication
Role Play Learn through acting out; affect change in behaviour, thinking The Berger Inquiry exhibit: role playing MacKenzie Pipeline consultation processes from various stakeholder perspectives – First Nations communities, lawyers, environmental groups, engineers, Judge Berger, etc.
Simulations and Games Learn the consequences of their actions Planning + Chemical and Biological Engineering = BC Carbon Tax Simulation

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