Case Studies

This instructional technique comes from CTLT’s Instructional Skills Workshop materials. How do you think this technique can and should be adapted to interdisciplinary learning contexts and content?


Case Study

A case study is a description of a real-life situation presented to the class participants who then analyse the aspects of small groups.

Instructor’s Role

  • prepare the case study, recording information factually, considering the following aspects where relevant:
    • people involved
    • historical background
    • relationships among people
    • sociological factors
    • economic factors
    • background of people
    • ethnic origins
    • tensions causing problem
  • assist group members in analysing and solving the problem
  • summarize findings
  • suggest uses of the information

Learners’ Role

  • assist in preparing case study if requested
  • read and listen to case study analytically
  • determine the real or underlying issues
  • determine what each person in the case study has contributed to the problem
  • determine why the problem exists
  • determine what principles might assist in understanding the situation
  • suggest a solution
  • consider the best solution to the problem, giving an adequate reason for the choice

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