Field Trip

This instructional technique comes from CTLT’s Instructional Skills Workshop materials. How do you think this technique can and should be adapted to interdisciplinary learning contexts and content?

Field Trip

A field trip is a planned visit by a class that:

  • incorporates community resources unavailable in the classroom
  • provides visual education that offers first-hand experience with a place of interest or object, thus bringing realism to learning
  • provides a change of pace
  • is good for courses involved with community development
  • should be preceded by a brief introduction in class and followed by a period of discussion

Instructor’s Role

  • survey local community or region to locate points of significance to field of study
  • obtain approval of owner or host
  • detail arrangements in advance as to purpose, number of visitors, time of arrival, and duration
  • provide class with information on the objectives of the field trip
  • allow for discussion and questions after the field trip
  • summarize the experience
  • suggest further study

Learners’ Role

  • Prior to trip
    • understand purpose and objective
    • listen to instructions given by leader
    • obtain information about place to be visited
  • On the field trip
    • obtain information from the guide
    • ask questions and request additional information as trip progresses
    • relate what is seen and heard to the objectives
  • After the trip
    • analyse and interpret knowledge gained on the field trip, through group discussion

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