End of Summer 2014 BBQ

Celebrate the end of Summer 2014 with a BBQ!  


Time: Saturday Sept 27, 2014 from noon
Location: Kits beach (specific location will be announced)
Food/Drinks: bring your favorite food and drinks for the BBQ!
Numbers: let us know if you are coming so we can plan how many grills/utensils to bring!

Please note that this event will depend on the weather, so stay in touch for any changes to the plan!

About Grace Lee

I am Director of a nationwide initiative that examines ethical issues of medical neuroimaging for patients with traumatic brain injury in Canada. My expertise focuses largely on assessing novel applications of brain imaging technology as diagnostic tools or predictors of patient prognosis. I am affiliated with the Neurology division at the University of British Columbia. I am also Co-founder of Krimson Marketing Consulting, a local company that revolutionizes social media marketing strategies for small and medium sized enterprises. Our mission is to help businesses achieve increased visibility and improve client relations by spotlighting their authority in the industry. For more information about me, visit www.drgracelee.ca