Call for Nominations: 2016/2017 PDA Executive

We are excited to announce the call for nominations for candidates to be part of the UBC Postdoctoral Association’s 2016/2017 Executive Team.

This is a great opportunity to:

  1. Gain leadership experience
  2. Represent the postdoc community
  3. Organize professional development, research and networking events

The PDA Executive Team consists of 6 Volunteer Officers (i.e. President and 5 VPs) whose position will be voted on at our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, March 30th in the Life Sciences Institute (LSI) room 1330 (5 pm). For a detailed list of our open Officer Positions and a description of their role below.

We encourage all postdocs to attend the AGM on March 30th.
Light snacks and refreshments will be served!

Eligibility: All candidates must be UBC Postdoctoral Fellows.

Service on the Executive Committee: Candidates should be able to attend the majority of the Executive Committee meetings held bimonthly either on or off-campus, as well as the PDA events. Executive Committee member terms are 1-year beginning April 2016-March 2017.

Self-Nomination: Download the UBC PDA nomination form here. Please fill out this  form and return it to along with: a recent photo and a short Letter of Interest (100-200 words) detailing your interest in serving on the PDA Executive and any relevant experience.

Nomination deadline: Wednesday March 23rd, 2016.

Commitment: On average, the President attends 2 meetings a month (5-10 hours a month), while the VP attends 1-2 meetings a month (2-7 hours a month)

Executive positions open for election (click to read role descriptions):

The UBC PDA President shall:

Act as the public face of the PDA to:

  1. speak on behalf of the PDA at orientation and wherever appropriate
  2. understand the needs of PDA members and ensure equal representation across departments

Be responsible for meetings of the PDA Executive members to:

  1. chair and set the agenda for meetings
  2. ensure proper operation of the meetings
  3. take minutes at meetings, or designate a member to do so
  4. manage copies of the minutes, agendas, and any other materials

Be responsible for the execution of decisions by the PDA Executives

Lead the Annual General Meeting and PDA Elections

Work together with the VP-Communications to:

  1. direct content for communication to members of the UBC postdoc community
  2. manage and update the website
  3. respond to emails
  4. direct the advertisement of PDA events.

Work together with the VP-External to:

  1. collaborate and communicate with the Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars
  2. raise awareness of postdoctoral issues and find avenues of support

Work together with the VP-Social to create a calendar of social events and ensure a broad outreach.

Work together with the VP-Operations to:

  1. ensure liaising with the UBC Postdoctoral Fellows office and Deans office
  2. representing the PDA during meetings with UBC faculty, staff and administrators
  3. coordinate the Executive Members of the PDA

Work together with the VP-Finance to:

  1. ensure responsible stewardship over the annual budget when planning events
  2. being aware of outflow and inflow

**President and/or VP-External has the chance to attend the annual CAPA/CAPS Meeting

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The UBC PDA VP-Operations shall:

  1. Organize professional development activities for postdocs.
  2. Set up regular PDA meetings via doodle polls and arrange suitable venues on/off campus
  3. Organize non-social UBC-PDA events
  4. Attend and participate in meetings of the PDA executive members
  5. Assist in all PDA executive members plan.
  6. Perform duties of the President, in the event of absence or illness of the President

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The UBC PDA VP-External shall:

  1. Raise the voice of UBC postdoctoral fellows at regional and national platforms through participation and dialogues with the Canadian Association for Postdoctoral Scholars (CAPS-ACSP)
  2. Build and promote alliance with various BC industrial sectors to create opportunities for researchers outside academia
  3. Work with CAPS-ACSP to create and sustain dialogue with legislators to acknowledge the role of postdoctoral fellows and research associates to Canadian economy
  4. Address or raise awareness for issues relevant to postdoctoral fellows and research associates
  5. Work with the UBC PDA executive team to ensure smooth running of the organization and liaise with its partners

**President and/or VP-External has the chance to attend the annual CAPA/CAPS Meeting

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The UBC PDA VP-Communications shall:

  1. Be responsible for the development of the communication strategy
  2. Manage communication activities that promote, enhance, and protect the PDA’s brand reputation
  3. Responsible for disseminating news items relevant to UBC postdocs, in the form of a monthly newsletter
  4. Work with the President in planning content for the PDA newsletters
  5. Work with the President to recognize internal and external communications opportunities
  6. Work with the President in managing communications on the PDA’s Facebook page and Twitter
  7. Exercise judgment to prioritize media opportunities, and prepare presentations and other supporting material as needed during events
  8. Work with the team to maintain and continuously improve the PDA website
  9. Promote events
  10. Support the communications needs of the PDA and the Postdoctoral Fellows Office

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The UBC PDA VP-Social shall:

  1. Attend and participate in the biannual PDA orientations
  2. Advertise the PDA to the new postdocs
  3. Deliver the “Getting to Know Vancouver” talk
  4. Organize a social for postdocs after the orientation
  5. Plan, advertise and execute regular social and networking events for postdocs, including the annual:
  6. Whistler trip (organize to/from Whistler and reserve accommodation at the UBC lodge)
  7. 3 Minute Postdoc Slam” competition (assist all PDA executive members plan)
  8. UBC Postdoc Research Day” (assist all PDA executive members plan)
  9. Holiday party (venue reservation and run games e.g. “white elephant”)
  10. Organize monthly social events for the PDA community
  11. Attend and participate in meetings of the PDA executive members, which include booking public venues on/off UBC campus

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The UBC PDA VP-Finance shall:

  1. Be a Postdoctoral fellow residing in the Life Sciences Institute (due to budget restrictions)
  2. Oversee correct use and spending of the UBC PDA budget and liaise with Life Science Institute (LSI) admin staff
  3. Help organize events (3-Minute Postdoc Slam, Postdoctoral Research Day, seminars in general)
  4. Serve as the LSI Postdoc representative on the Life Sciences Institute Steering Committee (meets once a month)

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Executive Committee Members:

These volunteers are non-elected and serve as helpers.

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