PDA Covid-19 Survey

Dear UBC Postdoc Community,

In order to identify and resolve any COVID19 response-associated issues you might be currently facing, the UBC Postdoc Association (PDA) would like to assess the impact of the state of emergency on UBC’s postdoc community.

Therefore, we have prepared an anonymous survey inquiring about the impact of the lock-down and research curtailments on UBC postdoc’s health, safety, work and research, immigration status, career paths, and financial situation.

Please take 5 to 10 minutes to give us your feedback and help us to identify situations that need immediate attention (University-wide or Department-specific), which we can then actively follow up on and present to the responsible authorities. If you are especially satisfied with how UBC or your Department responded to the pandemic, you can also take this opportunity to highlight what you appreciated.

Please follow this link to the (mobile-friendly!) survey and feel free to pass it on to other UBC- and affiliated postdocs:


Parts of the anonymous data collected in this survey will be incorporated in the national CAPS survey report on the COVID19 pandemic impacts on postdoc’s, which will provide the basis of national science policy discussions and negotiations (https://sciencepolicy.ca/news/limiting-negative-impact-covid-19-pandemic-canadian-postdoctoral-scholars).

Thank you for your cooperation!

Your UBC PDA team