AFT Releases National Survey of Part-time & Adjunct Faculty

by E Wayne Ross on March 23, 2010

AFT Releases National Survey of Part-time & Adjunct Faculty

The latest report from AFT Higher Education, American Academic: A National Survey of Part-time/Adjunct Faculty, has just been released. Conducted by Peter Hart Research Associates, this national survey of part-time/ adjunct faculty examines:

  • who part-time/adjunct faculty are;
  • the conditions under which they work; and,
  • how they view their work and the challenges they face on campus.

The survey demonstrates that part-time/adjunct faculty are a diverse group. And, while they are committed to their teaching and eager to serve students, most express concerns about working conditions.

“What is happening in our colleges and universities today is directly linked to our country’s economic future” stated AFT President Randi Weingarten. “Adjunct and part-time faculty play such a critical role in educating our college students and we must work to ensure that they are fully supported.”
The survey is a national sample of 500 part-time and adjunct faculty employed in two- and four-year public and private nonprofit higher education institutions.