Protests gathering momentum at Capilano University

by Stephen Petrina on May 2, 2013

Juan Cisneros, May 3, 2013 —  Thank you so much for all your support! Over 4000 signatures [on the Capilano University:  Save the Studio Art and Textile Arts Programs petition]!

As of today the University’s faculty and the students are getting together with their unions in order to find more solutions for this situation. The University is facing a problem that has to be addressed together, not behind closed doors.

On Tuesday, 200 of the school’s faculty and a group of students, peacefully protested outside the President’s office, their presence could be felt through the silence manifested.

More and more people are hearing our voices, but we haven’t finished fighting…. We need all your support and we appreciate the positive response that you have shown so far.

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