Students seek action on skyrocketing student debt as election issue #bcpoli

by Stephen Petrina on May 1, 2013

Canadian Federation of Students-BC, April 16, 2013 — Students in British Columbia continue to call for a government that will prioritize post-secondary education, addressing issues that matter to students.

“Without reductions in tuition fees, potential students will continue to be shut out of education and student debt will continue to climb,” says Katie Marocchi, Chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students–British Columbia. “Student debt in BC has reached a crisis point, and students want all parties to commit to making education more affordable.”

Since 2001, tuition fees have more than doubled and the provincial grants program has been cut. The average student debt in BC for a four-year program is $27,000. Some of this debt can be attributed to BC having the lowest proportion of non-repayable financial aid among the provinces.

“Young people today face record-high tuition fees, unprecedented education related debt, and the highest unemployment rate in BC,” says Marocchi. “BC needs a major shift in direction on tuition fees and student debt or the next generation will not be able to afford the education they need to support their families.”

The Canadian Federation of Students-BC is composed of students from 16 post-secondary institutions across every region of BC. Post-secondary students in Canada have been represented by the Canadian Federation of Students and its predecessor organizations since 1927.