People here start cleanup. All the trees, the trees fall down on the road — that’s the (pointing). All the ladies start working, work ah, on the road because the trees and they to start to plant coconut, uh, banana trees, and potatoes. We start to plant before. The ladies in the morning and the men start working on that-the house, they build all the house, yeah here. And that’s the house that people staying in the most of the houses, not the finish… not yet finished. They catch fish and then all the boys bring fish and people uh, give ah, fish for somebody all the people again they start ah, cooking, they eat fish. The next day I was supposed to go ’cause I was going to get the- catch to fish ’cause of our house and everything fell down, no food and that’s the time people catch fish.

The boys go on the (she motions on the direction of the boat) and they will catch big fish and small fish and will they get them, women start to [clean the] fish and they cook rice and then we eat the rice and fish. Only two. (Laughs) We dry some fish that we take to the other place and stay at their cousins. Some others stay together and start working, and boys start build the house and that’s the time we move from house, another house, and the girls stay in our house. When somebody doesn’t have house, we stay together. (Laughs) Because, it’s the people. Woman start the next day, when the bell rings, all the woman go and start working. We cut those trees and start uh, work on the garden. We stay here and work on the … everything they work, like house, they start to build the house, somebodies go around on other island and stay there on that island and start working on the cleaning, the ground.

We stay because we love the island. We like fishing, and we like, we want to have food? Okay, we’ll stay here and start to plant. They work on our house, the people who move to the other island will come back and no house and no food here. (Laughs) That’s all.