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Lesson 2.3: Progress Report

MEMORANDUM To:                        Dr. Erika Paterson, Instructor of ENGL 301 From:                   Emily Leung, Student of ENGL 301 Date:                    November 16, 2019 Subject:               Progress Report on Recommendation Report for UBC Sustainability Initiative   Audience The final report will be provided to

Lesson 2.3 – Formal Report Outline

Enhancing Communication and Collaboration among Sustainability Student Groups at UBC I. INTRODUCTION A. Definition of key terms B. Background on sustainability student groups at UBC C. Description of the event conflict problem  D. Purpose of this report E. Brief description

Unit 2.2: Peer Review of LinkedIn Profile

Unit 2.2: Peer Review of LinkedIn Profile   Date:                          October 31, 2019 Name:                        Brian Wang Reviewer:                  Emily Leung Profile URL:     Review Template:    301 Emily Leung LinkedIn Peer Review_template   Criteria Comment First impression Is the profile made public?

Memorandum – Invitation to connect on LinkedIn 

MEMORANDUM   TO:                  Dr. Erika Paterson, Instructor of ENGL 301, and Team BEAD, Writing team of ENGL 301 FROM:            Emily Leung, Writing team member of Team BEAD

Memorandum – Ten Best Practices for using LinkedIn Profiles

  MEMORANDUM   TO:                      Team BEAD, Writing team of ENGL 301 FROM:                Emily Leung, Writing team member of Team BEAD DATE:    

Peer Review – Formal Report Proposal

TO:                      Andree Coschizza FROM:                Emily Leung DATE:                 October 16, 2019 SUBJECT:          Peer Review of Project Proposal on Implementing

Memorandum – Project Proposal Submission

Memorandum  To:          Dr. Erika Patterson, Instructor of ENGL 301 From:      Emily Leung, student of ENGL 301 Date:       October 11, 2019 Subject:   Project proposal submission to the writing team forum   As

Formal Report Proposal

To:            Dr. Erika Paterson From:        Emily Leung Date:         October 11, 2019 Subject:     Proposal for enhancing communication and collaboration among sustainability-related student groups at UBC   Introduction  As one of the world’s most sustainable universities, UBC is home to over 35

Revised Definition: Just Transition

Definitions for Just Transition Emily Leung      September 30, 2019 Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to explain the developmental framework of “just transition” to readers who are unfamiliar with a green economy and climate actions. A parenthetical,

 Assignment 1.3: Peer Review – Definitions of Transformative Learning

To:            Diane Keyes, Member of Team BEAD From:       Emily Leung, Member of Team BEAD Date:        September 26, 2019 Subject:   Assignment 1.3: Peer Review of the Definitions of Transformative Learning (Link to Diane’s definition) Thank you for the


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