We’re halfway there

Wow. What a month. Just finished up a crazy month full of midterms and papers. It sucks that I have to take an arts elective, cause let’s be honest fam, it ain’t my forte. I had to write a psych paper on why tests help you learn in the middle of all my midterms. Naturally, I did it in a couple nights and just studied for my engineering courses. I only have 4 courses this semester. I thought it would be easy to take a light load, but I didn’t realize how demanding electives can become. I am taking heat transfer, solid mechanics, impact of technology online and psychology. I know it sounds really easy, but it’s not. I am constantly studying something or running from place to place for meetings. My quiet time is anytime past 10pm that I have to myself. It’s been a crazy month but it will be a memorable one. Plus November is the best month in the whole year cause it’s ya boy’s bday. That’s right I get to slay the midterms and turn a year older. I be slaying the competition. “Insert peace emoji”.


Siddhant Malik

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