Recap: PDA Postdoctoral Research Day 2014

On September 17, 2014, the UBC Postdoctoral Association organized the annual Research Day. We heard from 7 speakers:

  1. Dagmar E. Ehrnhoefer (Medical Genetics): Interrupting the toxic feedback loop that activates caspase-6 in Huntington’s disease – A therapeutic strategy?
  2. Allen Yi-Lun Tsai (Botany): Using Seeds as a Novel Model to Study Pectin Synthesis
  3. Cole Vonder Haar (Psychology): Assessing Therapeutics to Treat Cognitive Dysfunction following Traumatic Brain Injury
  4. Mia Olsson Microbiology & Immunology): To explore the mechanisms behind autoinflammation – with a little help from a wrinkled friend
  5. Maria Morell (Zoology): Acoustic Trauma and High-frequency Hearing Adaptations in Toothed Whales
  6. Evan Ashworth (Linguistics): Bringing Flexible Learning to the Linguistics Classroom
  7. Mimi E. Lam (UBC Fisheries Centre): Seafood Ethics

(L to R): Rachel Fernandez, Ainara Garde, Maria Morell, Grace Lee, Cole Vonder Haar, Erin Macmillan

In the speakers category, the first place winner of $200 was Maria Morell, and second place winner of $100 was Cole Vonder Haar.

Winners for our posters category were Erin Macmillan ($100), Luisa Burhenne ($75), and Ainara Garde Martinez ($50).


We were grateful to our judges, who chose the winners based on the mastery of 4 components: demonstrated comprehension, audience engagement, effective communication, and visual impact.

Many thanks to Amy Lee @minisciencegirl who tweet during our event: “What does the rat brain injury tell us about NFL players? Increase in impulsivity and inflammation. #ubcpostdocs #researchday”

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About Grace Lee

I am Director of a nationwide initiative that examines ethical issues of medical neuroimaging for patients with traumatic brain injury in Canada. My expertise focuses largely on assessing novel applications of brain imaging technology as diagnostic tools or predictors of patient prognosis. I am affiliated with the Neurology division at the University of British Columbia. I am also Co-founder of Krimson Marketing Consulting, a local company that revolutionizes social media marketing strategies for small and medium sized enterprises. Our mission is to help businesses achieve increased visibility and improve client relations by spotlighting their authority in the industry. For more information about me, visit