California: Win for Anti-Bias Rules

by E Wayne Ross on March 18, 2009

Inside Higher Ed: Win for Anti-Bias Rules

A federal appeals court on Tuesday gave a major win to public universities and advocates for gay rights who have wanted to preserve in full the institutional anti-bias policies that bar discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled — in a two-sentence decision — that the Hastings College of Law of the University of California was within its rights to deny recognition to a branch of the Christian Legal Society. Hastings said that the student group’s ban on members who engage in “unrepentant homosexual conduct” violated the law school’s anti-bias policies. In turn, the Christian Legal Society argued that its First Amendment rights were being violated by the law school in that it was forcing the law students in the society to abandon their religious beliefs in return for recognition.