Plot surveys of vegetation cover along the Point Grey cliffs for a Coastal Erosion project with UBC SALA School of Architecture and SEEDS
Surveying vegetation of Point Grey Cliffs to inform a coastal erosion project by UBC SALA School of Architecture and SEEDS. Hewitt, Dec. 2018

The Biogeography Teaching and Research Lab is a part of the Department of Geography at UBC – Vancouver. The lab is under the direction of Dr. Nina Hewitt. The lab has working relationships with UBC’s Emerging Media Lab, SEEDS Sustainability Program, Vantage College and local nature organizations (Pacific Spirit Park Society). It benefits from the ongoing project assistance of a number of keen and talented undergraduate Geographical Sciences and Environment and Sustainability students at UBC!

The focus of the Biogeography Lab is to document, study and teach about ecosystems in temperate and montane forests and savanna, and in alpine tundra (see more).

An oak cross-section used to determine presettlement fire intervals in Black oak savanna, High Park, Toronto. Park restoration crew shown for scale! Hewitt 2011

We employ field vegetation sampling techniques, archival and modern photographic documentation of taxa and landscapes, and creating open educational resources including Augmented and Virtual Reality tours. Current projects include examining the distributions and climatic responses of ecotonal high alpine plant populations in the Central Karakoram and Southern BC, and documenting the plant species composition and structure of successional Coastal Douglas fir forests, and the cultural and biological value of these and other West coast forests in BC. We have developed a series of immersive Augmented and Virtual Reality field trips as a way to engage learners in the biogeosciences. Research in our lab has been supported by funds from UBC Vancouver Students via UBC CTLT Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) and Open Educational Resources (OER) grants, and WorkLearn, UBC Arts Students Remote Work on Campus (ASWOC) funds.