Alpine Plant Species of BC:

Notice: As of 2022, photographic records will be posted to my iNaturalist account for wider sharing and verification. That’s where I’ll host records collected for the Garibaldi Alpine Plants project with which I am affiliated. Below, you will find earlier observations, particularly those from the South Chilcotin Mountains and Manning Park sites.

The following posts document specimens of alpine plants photographed in Southern British Columbia, in Manning Park (between 1950-1995 m), in South Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park (between 1600-2200 m) and in Elfin Lakes, Garibaldi Provincial Park (1500-1700 m), and will be updated as sites are visited/revisited. It provides a record of the flowering times for these zonal populations. This resource is designed to complement a set of virtual field trips to alpine areas of BC. I welcome comments and suggestions. Any errors of species identification are my own.

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  • And though we lack herbarium specimens for most of these individuals, we hope they will inspire visits to the locations where they were photographed, pending the use of high resolution images in place of herbarium specimens (and see: Marshall SA, Evenhuis NL (2015) New species without dead bodies: a case for photo-based descriptions, illustrated by a striking new species of Marleyimyia Hesse (Diptera, Bombyliidae) from South Africa. ZooKeys 525: 117-127. )

Vascular Plants (Angiosperms, Gymnosperms, Ferns)

Boraginaceae (Borage / Forget-me-not family)


Caprifoliaceae (Valerian family)


Caryophyllaceae (Carnation or Pink family)


Compositae (Daisy/Sunflower family; fomerly Asteraceae)


Crassulaceae (Stonecrop family)


Cyperaceae (Sedge family)


Ericaceae (Heather family)


Leguminosae (Pea/bean family)


Liliaceae (Lily family)


Melanthiaceae (Bunchflower family)


Montiaceae (Purslane family)


Onagraceae (Evening primrose family)


Orobanchaceae (Broomrape family)


Orchidaceae (Orchid family)


Phrymaceae (Lopseed family)


Plantaginaceae (Plantain family)


Poaceae (Grass family)


Polemoniaceae (Phlox family)


Ranunculaceae (Buttercup / Crowroot family)


Rosacea (Rose family)


Saxifragaceae (Saxifrage family)


Violaceae (Violet family)

Non-Vascular Plants:

Bryophytes (Mosses)



Unidentified species. Help us identify any of the following species:

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I thank Stepan Wood for assistance with photography in the field, and Undergraduate Project Assistants, Kelly Hurley and Emily Ballon for work on the website.

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