GEOS 102: Our Changing Environment: Climate and Ecosystems. Energy and water in the Earth-Atmosphere system, global climates and climate change, ecosystem properties and processes, human impacts.

GEOS 306: Paleoecology: Lessons for the Anthropocene (New Course, 2022-23). Paleoecology of terrestrial ecosystems, particularly during the Quaternary, application of historical context to inform contemporary Anthropocene policy and management dilemmas, and including a foundation in relevant ecosystem and ecological concepts.

GEOS 307: Biogeography and Global Change. Biogeographic concepts in understanding responses in ecosystems to environmental change at global, regional, and local scales. Conservation issues such as the loss of biodiversity and endangered species.

GEOS 309: Geographical Sciences Field Course. Field sampling, instrumentation, surveying, mapping techniques, and data analysis; mandatory multi-day field camp in May-June at the UBC Geology Field Station in Oliver, BC. Special fees and liability insurance are required.

GEOG 319: Environmental Impact Assessment. The principles, implementation, and role of environmental impact assessment in environmental management, in Canada and internationally.

GEOG 374: Statistics in Geography. Introduction to statistical techniques and their application to geographical problems.


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