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This page documents my alpine ecosystems research in the Central Karakoram, particularly field data on species composition changes with elevation and imagery that I collected during a “baseline” survey in July 2016.

Three field locations are displayed: Thalle Valley, Baumharel Valley, and parts of the Deosai Plateau.


A Storymap describing the study and data is found here (For best results, load in a separate tab by copying and pasting the following link: “https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/9ee24a55c59442f1a19742b3207d1d4b” )

And the 3D visualization of alpine species abundance and ranges employing a Digital Elevation Model, here: https://biogeography-hewitt.github.io/qgis_3d/index.html [may take several minutes to load fully].

This resource was developed with a UBC TLEF and is available free for use in classrooms.