Welcome to my BC alpine ecosystem research and field trips page. My research on plant populations in the southern BC informs a series of immersive, Virtual Reality (VR) field trips. The field  trips are built around photos and 360° images, aerial “drone” footage and google earth tours. They provide virtual experiences into alpine ecosystems for instructional purposes, and as a baseline for assessing future, anthropogenic climate-driven, change in these ecosystems. Enjoy!

Field Trips:

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Southern Chilcotin Mountains Sign
1. South Chilcotin Mountains


trail up to Elfin Lakes, Aug 17 2018
2. Elfin Lakes Alpine


3. Manning Park Alpine Meadows



4.  Nch’ḵaỷ (Garibaldi) Provincial Park Storymap with VR: 2022 field season and 5. Nina’s Pilot 360 of Nch’ḵaỷ Field work, 2023