Common name: Silky phacelia / Sky pilot (the latter also in use for another unrelated species)

Family: Boraginaceae

Information: This member of the legume (pea/bean family) is found in open, dry, and rocky sites, as well as forest openings. Found at mid to alpine elevations (Pojar and MacKinnon 2014).

Interesting fact: Phacelia may concentrate gold minerals in its tissues to a level of 55 ppb, and has therefore been used in mineral prospecting (biogeochemical prospecting) (Pojar and MacKinnon 2013)

Photo: An exposed ridgetop part of the headwater basin of North Cinnabar River in South Chilcotin Mtns Provincial Park at an approx. elevation of 2190m. N. Hewitt-S. Wood, July 28 2019.


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