Species with small white blossom.

Common name:

Family: Orobanchaceae

Information: Sighted while heading back out of Baumharel field site. GBIF map indicates this species is endemic to northern Pakistan. A related species found across Europe and NA, E. officinalis, looks similar: https://www.gbif.org/species/8106874

Photos: Baumharel valley, dry valley wall along the path, ca. 3600 m, July 25, 2016, N. Hewitt. Species ID# 118 [Project note: was combined with Euphrasia sp. ID #28,Thalle transect]


Sources and additional resources:

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  • GBIF classifies as accepted and is Published in: Pennell. In: Scroph. (Orobanchaceae) W. Himal. (Acad. Nat. Sci. Philad., Monogr. 5) 110. (1943).

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  • States “Project Data Not Published” for this genus.

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  • WFO classifies this name as ambiguous