To view the 360 photos and videos in a seamless tour along Spanish Trail, Pacific Spirit Park, try this VR created in H5P.

NB: GEOS 102 students will still need to read the narrative text accompanying the tour in the Canvas page;  And, spoiler alert –  there are some knowledge quizzes embedded in the tour below, with hints about species identity!

Open the tour in full screen (click full screen button, top right corner), and use “esc” to exit full screen. Use the arrows to move forward or back between scenes (hover over the arrows to reveal whether they are forward or back arrows). Click on the hotspots in each scene (circles with plus signs; hand symbols) to trigger instructional videos and quiz questions.

Note that in the first scene, if you rotate it, you will see a hotspot that will open browser with a Google Map of tour route and stops (blue markers) along Spanish Trail, Pacific Spirit Forest. You can zoom in or out, within the map, and click the blue markers to see a brief description of each stop that is explained more fully in the 360 field trip itself.

Here are some more questions to test your knowledge as you explore scenes

Stop 1 Question

Stop 2 Questions

Stop 3 Question (Beaver dam/boardwalk stop)

Stop 4 Questions (last stop):