by Jing Liu ~ January 16th, 2008. Filed under: Events.

Many have asked me about our next gathering. Let’s give ourselves two months to prepare. Please let me know any topics that you would like to discuss on top of the Multicultural Canada Project.

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  1.   Lingbo

    Toastmasters – I volunteer to do a 5 minutes introduction on what Toastmasters is and a 5-7 minutes speech demonstration. It is a lot more than just making a speech in front of an audience.

  2.   Jing

    That would be great! I have booked Asian Library seminar room for March 8th, Saturday. Hope Ian will make it. Lili can talk about her professional experience. Shall we meet at 12 noon?

  3.   Mindy

    I don’t want to miss this!
    If it won’t bring too much trouble to you folks there, I’d like to participate via a webcam. We can use skype to do this. My skype ID is min.tong. If any of you is using Skype too, please tell me your ID and I’ll call you from my end. Many thanks!

  4.   Qi

    I can bring a laptop and set it up before the meeting. My skype ID is qi1807. Look forward to “meeting” you then.

  5.   Jing

    Some of you asked me about feeding ourselves. The Library will be open at 12, so only snacks or individually packed soft drink will be allowed.

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