Why have we failed to exploit our early promise?

by Jing Liu ~ May 17th, 2008. Filed under: What others are saying.

Simon Winchester, the author of “The Man Who Loved China” published a piece in New York Times on May 15th. He compared Li Bing’s 2,300-year-old project, which still stands and works with the ruined school, less than a mile from Dujiangyan. On TV, we can see some buildings near those ruined schools are still standing. What a shame to have so many students buried under their own schools! The author popped the question that is much bigger than the earthquake.
Many proud Chinese readers may criticize the author, just like the way they sue CNN, but I do agree with him that “China, in its headlong attempts to modernize, has often demonstrated a dismayingly cavalier attitude toward the well-being of its people”. I experienced something similar last summer in Yunnan. Safety is not the major concern for those image projects.

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