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Licensing and Managing E-Resources

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Diane emphasized the importance of license as that “Contract or license is over the copyright.” The license needs to request for perpetual access, but how the vendor delivers the access may change over time. The six “terms of death” are practical: Indemnification, Don’t indemnify a provider Don’t take responsibility for user behavior Unreasonable termination Jurisdiction: […]

E-Resources in Taiwan

Monday, July 28th, 2008

陈昭珍教授准时开启了研习班的第二周。人在西雅图还关注台湾业界并投稿中时让我钦佩。她就圖書館館長向郭台銘要錢被拒一事发表己见,将上周课堂上的收获运用到台湾的现实。 Like in Mainland, academic libraries in Taiwan purchase e-resources collaboratively. National Library and Taichung Library look after public libraries’ digital materials. ConCERT is responsible for networked acquistion and make sure that digital resources cover the entire island. Prof. Chen used Qing contracts and Canadian TumbleBooks as samples. Union Catalogs for different formats of materials […]

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