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Comrade Zhang

Friday, February 12th, 2010

I was at the busy ref desk when I saw his smiling face. He proudly brought me his West Canada Weekly. This is the first time I saw Xiaomeng after he graduated. 略显消瘦的小萌自己创业,义无反顾地离开了我们的行业。他在闯荡中已经对温哥华内外的政商两界非常了解。春节前能见到这位老弟很高兴,而且今后本地媒体又多了自己人。我马上对他说,亚洲馆50周年的广告问题就由他解决了。年轻就是本钱呀!

Best Chinese New Year Gift!

Monday, February 8th, 2010

While I try hard to recover from the nasty flu, I had a terrible car accident over the weekend. My new SUV is not drivable! The old gentleman who hits my car seems to be ok, and lucky enough I am OK. I felt sorry and guilty for not getting together with the local librarian […]

Non-Heritage Chinese Students

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

吴老师带来了她CHIN403的学生,像个小型的联合国,把Asian-616挤满了。我让出了自己的座位,站着讲完。老外同学能这样认真地听我神侃,真的很感动,不如全职教书算了。坐在我旁边的哥们儿最可爱,不仅提出了很好的问题,居然还用中文跟“刘老师”开玩笑!我提到了即将开展的问卷调查和今年的工作重点。Better make a note here. Their responses include: terrible lighting, study carrel computers don’t have the instant online translation software. They wish Asian Library projects can give them hiring priority as student assistants, so they can practice their Chinese at work. 他们中的一些是瞄准了亚洲或中国研究的。其浓厚兴趣让我想起了老何,金发碧眼、大块头,做的是急救工作,同时又是中国通。老何的中文比我们外交部的中国通们都不弱。他不以中文功底为谋生的手段,完全是兴趣、自得其乐。圣诞party上把酒听老何侃金庸、梁羽生和倪匡、、、似乎是很久以前的事了。星源的中国艺术史的学生来了三批,正赶上CHIN403的学生往外走,还不忘说, “谢谢刘老师,老师再见!”好可爱!

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