Comrade Zhang

by Jing Liu ~ February 12th, 2010. Filed under: Life.

Picture 067I was at the busy ref desk when I saw his smiling face. He proudly brought me his West Canada Weekly. This is the first time I saw Xiaomeng after he graduated. 略显消瘦的小萌自己创业,义无反顾地离开了我们的行业。他在闯荡中已经对温哥华内外的政商两界非常了解。春节前能见到这位老弟很高兴,而且今后本地媒体又多了自己人。我马上对他说,亚洲馆50周年的广告问题就由他解决了。年轻就是本钱呀!

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  1.   Min

    Way to go, Xiaomeng! Hats off to your courageous move and determination!

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