Ming Diaries

by Jing Liu ~ January 26th, 2011. Filed under: Readings, Reference Questions.

Prof. Brook can’t wait to read the newly arrived 嘉興文獻叢書, especially the Diary by Feng Mengzhen (1548-1595)–《快雪堂日記》. I remember his presentation at the last BC China Scholars’ Forum. Tim was desperately looking for living cost in Ming Dynasty and expenditures on collectables, etc. I finally found them in Feng’s diary. This poor scholar 500 years ago could hardly keep him and the family fed, but he collected well-known 《江山雪霽圖》and other antiquities ignoring the high cost.

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  1.   Christina

    “Too much passion for beautiful things can drive a man to poverty.”

    I have just found your web blog. I find your notations quite interesting! *^-^*

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