Launch a Career, where?

by Jing Liu ~ February 10th, 2011. Filed under: Events, Experience, Life, Recent Career Postings, What others are saying.

Last night’s event lasted much longer than it was scheduled. I was impressed by our international students who all spoke fluent English, experienced the globalization and about to launch their career world-wide. The French guy raised the good question on how to make his experience in Canada transferable. Chatted with a few students from Ukriane, who told me the common value of Ukrianian and Chinese culture. The hard-working girls from India and Japan in Forestry wonder about SLAIS program, and the sweet young guy from Thailand told me how much his sister enjoys working for the Indian software industry…

The Chinese students reminded me my own humble start. As of advice, I told them we all need to learn about ourselves first, and know what we really want to do, so we can land a career that will make us shine and enjoy working. While we try to cope with the study and learn the local culture and game rules, we should never lose our connections with our home town, where our strength came from the first place. I wasn’t surprised to hear their parents’ influence in their career choice. They already took their first step and came this far. I am really glad to see they have the help and support at the early stage at UBC.

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  1.   Lingbo

    Sounds like a great event for International students. Wish they had something like this when I went to Carleton University in 1990.

  2.   Jing Liu

    Yes, the organizers are sharp and the attendees are bright. Some follow-up emails came in, I will find time to reply this weekend. I promised them that I will show up for the event next year.

    Over at the Green House, Chad, a young man from China pointed out the problem of this weblog. He said I either need to change the content to straight library stuff, or change the title to make it more personal. Same day I was appoached by a co-worker, who wants to chat about how to use the blog working together.

  3.   Jing Liu

    Both Lingbo and I were invited to teach back in China, international career building should be in the content.

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