Misleading Chinese Databases

by Jing Liu ~ May 24th, 2012. Filed under: Experience, Reference Questions, What others are saying.

Receiving several questions on Chinese databases. Our graduate students are very confused. They would assume if a serial title is covered, all its issues and full-text articles would be available. When we ran into so many unavailable ones this week, I could sense the frustration from our students, but the vendors could easily say “NO”. 郁闷!

On another hand, if our ILL lends so many articles out, could they help bring some in? What really frustrates me is these databases don’t give page numbers, so the ILL online form wouldn’t take the requests. Will need help from Mr. Winter, and alert users on the information pages.

2 Responses to Misleading Chinese Databases

  1.   IZ

    It is very hard to explain this to the users. I totally can see that.

  2.   Jing

    The vendor just re-invited me to present at their annual conference in Kunming. I am afraid I don’t have good words, and will try to save the time for my poor users.

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