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by Jing Liu ~ May 31st, 2012. Filed under: Events, Experience, Professional Development, What others are saying.

Chris wrote from Australia on TARUMOTO Teruo’s 樽本照雄 新編增補清末民初小説目錄, which can be made into a value-added project by librarians. I am glad Harvard colleagues share the same interest. Tarumoto sensei reminds me about those independent scholars at the Conference two weeks ago.

Rudy Chiang’s presentation on BC salmon canneries was fascinating. I figured he must have come up with those questions from his own work as fish quality specialist, like “Who were those 76 Chinese fishermen recorded in New Westminster’s 1881 Census?” “What’s the dollar amount of 1904 canned salmon pack from the Chinese and First Nations crew (1.7 million)?” I could sense his excitement from his findings.

Maurice Guibord’s project on transformations of landscape, architecture and burial practices in local cemeteries is quite different from UBC folks’ projects. He sounded even more exciting when the attendee lady from Cuba asked him question in Spanish. I had a pleasant chat with him at lunch time, and he left after lunch for his Francophone Historical Society event.

It is time to have some reflection on the conference, which now seems to go down in history.

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  1.   IZ

    我本将心向明月,心心念念去开会。可惜东风不与周郎便,最终还是没去成。心向往之的讨论包括Chris, Allan, & your presentation. 不知道IKBLC有没有想法把这些做成Clips 在网上和我们分享阿。我仅知道所有的论文会在cIRcle里存档。

  2.   Jing

    NO! I didn’t sign the form, so didn’t authorize my paper appear in cIRcle. I did have a few requests from the attendees for the full paper and the ppt slides

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