The International Symposium Nov. 2012

by Jing Liu ~ December 28th, 2012. Filed under: Events, Experience, Libraries in China, What others are saying.

I enjoyed learning from this Symposium held at the Sun Yat-sen U. Libraries. Just received the email on finalizing my paper to be included in the proceeding. Although

I understand the connection to Guangzhou, I was suprised by how many people approached me on collaboration proposals. I remember the complement of Mr. Yao Boyue from Peking U. and Prof. Lu Jintang from Taiwan U.

I made many new friends and feel lucky meeting those experts I only met in the virtual space before. Prof. Pan Jianguo, Mr. Wei Li, Ms. Li Yonghui, etc. I was happy to renew our friendship and learning from the mentors. Mr. Shen Jin, happily moved on from Harvard, he was very busy as the organizer. I was humbled by his closing remarks as my presentation “brought the attendees new knowledge”. Kept Soren waiting for the Li Erqiao’s manuscript and lots of interests in our collection, such as manuscripts and seals. Will try to email them this weekend.

Very impressed by the following presenters: Prof. Wang Guoliang from Taiwan U. on Qian Qianyi’s collection, Princeton’s Dr. Ma on Hong Yu Lou, Dr. Wang Lei from SYS U. on their Huizhou contract documents, NLC’s Li Jining, etc.

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